Holidays on the Huskyfarm Innset

Our valley, the surrounding mountains and the Huskyfarm invite to exciting holidays
in Northern Norway. Whether in winter or in summer: for those who love nature and huskies, the Huskyfarm Innset is the right place.
There is so much to explore, it never gets boring, no matter if you stay a week or even three weeks!
In summer the mountains invite to hiking tours, the lake to canoe tours and the valley to bicycle tours. In July the Sami drive their reindeer herds together in order to mark the calves – an impressive spectacle which is absolutely worth a visit.

In winter you can explore the mountains and the valleys on skis or snow shoes and heat up the sauna when you come back to the Huskyfarm.

There are several cabins within a four to six hours touring range where it is possible to stay overnight.

And the Huskyfarm itself has also something very interesting to offer: the huskies, of course! The huskies want to be cuddled! And, of course, there is always something to do around the dogs. They need food, water and a clean place. The puppies want to be taken on walks, some of the older huskies are happy to accompany you on a hiking tours. And again, all of them want to be cuddled!

You can book a holiday on the Huskyfarm as a one-week-package that includes
accommodation on the Huskyfarm for 7 nights, transfer from/to Bardufoss airport or bus station Stermoen, two guided tours (a dog sledding tour in winter), free use of canoes, bicycles, skis and snow shoes.

Holidays on the huskyfarm

The summer

Be inspired by our perception of the arctic summer! Through pictures and descriptions, we will give you an impression on how you may experience a summer up here.

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The winter

Try out everything that is fun in the snow: skies, snowshoes, sleds are to your disposal during the whole winter-holidays.

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