The spring

All rivers are filled up to their edge, and waterfalls reach impressive dimensions. Birch trees along the timberline change to green while their roots are still covered with snow. The intense midsummer night’s sun lets spring burst out over night, and transforms the landscape into an ocean of bright, shimmering greens within only a few days.

At the beginning of July, reindeer herds move to the almost snow free hills around Innset. Up here, during the first week of July, the reindeers are herded together inside huge fences. Now you can witness a unique spectacle: Standing right in the middle of the waving sea of reindeers and antlers, the Sàmi will catch all young deer with their lassos in order to brand them.

A sight you should not miss!


July is the season for hiking and canoeing. Innumerable opportunities invite to day-trips in the immediate vicinity of the Huskyfarm. Both trails “border trail of Troms” and “Nordkalottleden” near Innset are well marked up. Within a day’s reach you are welcome to stay in comfortable huts of the Norwegian Mountain Touring Association (DNT).
One of the most beautiful routes leads through the Dividal National Park. Turning south, you will encounter the legendary hiking trail “Kungsleden” at the small Swedish village Abisko.

With regards to the luggage, our dogs may assist you with their carrier bags. After a short introduction, we lend out our dogs and the bags and sell the dog food needed during the tour.

Lake Altevatn and the neighbouring Lake Leinavatn invite to long canoe tours. Canoes can be hired at our Huskyfarm. Fishing in the lakes and rivers, you will have greatest success in catching trout and char.


The short, however intense summer culminates in a firework of colours: the “Indian summer”. During the first weeks of September, all broad leaved trees change colours, as well as every bush and all vegetation above the timberline.

At about the same time, the entire flora turns to bright yellow, orange and red.

The “tundra is on fire” say the Sàmi.

Our offer for summer-holidays


For kids is the experience of the Nordic summer here in Innset first of all the one of boundless freedom. There are no fences that set bounds to a game and no darkness that sets a limit to a daytrip.

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At our husky farm you can not only spend a night but also your entire holidays. We have a special offer for small groups, couples or singles.

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