Who can participate?

Everyone who wants to experience the nature in winter, the loneliness, the feeling of “having to trust yourself”, and who is not reluctant to take his/her turn, may participate. The ideal qualifications are:

  • to be in a good mood, have a friendly attitude, take responsibility, and be helpful
  • to have compassion and understanding for the dogs’ abilities and limits
  • a physical shape equivalent to that which is required for cycling in the mountains

Previous knowledge about dogsledding is not necessary. You will get a thorough intoduction on the Huskyfarm and an easy start on the tour. Much quicker than expected, beginners will adapt to the circumstances and will soon be laughing at the problems they first encountered.

Accomodation on tour

Accommodation before and after a tour is either on the Huskyfarm Innset, Björns and Reginas farm, or Jan und Anes Huskyfarm. It depends on the guide you have been on tour with. On both Huskyfarms you are accommodated guesthouses or cabins which are newly built or renovated. There are fully equipped kitchens and showers. Towels and bedding are provided.

On tour we stay in simple mountain cabins, in lavvus (the traditional tent of the Sami) or usual tents.
The mountain cabins do not have electricity or running water, but they do have a big wood stove to heat up and get the cabin warm!
For our water consumption we usually melt snow. Some of the cabins are located right by a river or a lake where we can get fresh water through a hole in the ice. If we are lucky we find an open hole or else we use an ice drill.
The cabins we use come up with different levels. While the cabins of DNT or TT (Norwegian hiking club/Den norske turistforeningen or Troms turlag) along the Norwegian/Swedish boarder are comparatively well equipped, the cabins of the Sami we often use in Sweden are even more simple.

Close to the Dividal nationalpark we use cabins of the nationalpark rangers. Some of these cabins are quite “luxurious” while others are cosy, but very simple.

Only 30 km away from the Huskyfarm Innset we have a lavvu, the kind of traditional conical tent which is known from different cultures. The native Americans call it” tipi”, the Sami “lavvu” and the boy-scouts call it “kote”.
Our lavvu is a modified variant: instead of an open fire, our lavvu is heated by a wood stove. Instead of lying on the bare ground, we sleep on an elevated wooden floor. These modifications ensure a comfortable sleep in the warmth.

Also our stays in a regular tent are quite comfortable. Insulation mats and reindeer furs protect us from the cold. The tents are heated.

While on tour we always use sleeping bags.

Eigenes Gespann

Eigenes Gespann