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Imagine a huge area without commercial interference where the inhabitants have more than two square kilometres each.

For more than six months the snow lies over the almost never-ending tundra. As long as your eyes can see, there are no signs of human civilisation. Imagine the picture: steep mountainsides along the coast and smooth slopes in the inland where the snow never melts – even in summer.

To the north you find the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea – there are kilometres of coastline where humans rarely have been. Southwards, towards the Arctic Circle, boggy landscape and endless woods stretch across Sweden and Finland.

To the west, towards the coastline of the Norwegian Sea, there are massive mountains that belong to one of the oldest range of mountains in the World. Broad valleys and rough hills, where the timberline seldom reaches more than 700 metres above sea level, are typical characteristics in this Arctic mountainous country.

This is the north of northern europe.

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The people that live here maintain themselves by reindeer farming or sea fishing. The rest of the population are so fascinated by the pure NATURE that they do not, and cannot leave it.

An area perfect for dogsledding and hiking tours surrounds our house. It is possible to travel in several directions for thousands of kilometres without having to cross one road.

The landscape also shifts between alpine mountain ranges and dark woods broken off by numerous rivers and lakes and bogs.

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