The sun is bak!

The sun is bak!

Our trip into the Dividal nationalpark in February was å sunshine history…

Adopted puppies ...

Mehr Welpen ...

… came to the Huskyfarm 10 days ago. As we only got one puppy (Stine) from our own breed this summer, we didn`t think twice when Mario Juric from Skottevik in South Norway offered us seven litte Greenlandhusky puppies. We were happy that our little Stine got friends to play around with.

Mario and his sons travelled 2000 km to take the little puppies all the way to the Huskyfarm and everybody, people and dogs, were quite tired when they arrived. After only two days the adopted
puppies seemed to be fully accepted by the stepmother and stepsister. They are playing around together and when they are tired they are sleeping closely side by side.

Photo: Bernd Allers, Kaye McMillan, Regina und Björn

Tour dates 2012

Because of the great interest, we already worked out some of the tour dates for 2012. Please see our web site: tour dates 2012.
This is not the final schedule of tour dates. During March and April, we will publish even more tour dates on the web site, especially for the tours „Dividal kompakt“ and „Huskycamp Altevatn“.

If you already have in mind a special tour or special tour dates, we recommend to book as long as there are available places.

New Expedition "North"

We offer a new dog sledding expedition 2011.
Five participants, their guide and 45 huskies – pulling all the equipment and supplies – will be on a two weeks´ expedition to the northernmost point of Sweden travelling through the area North of Kiruna and the Dividal Nationalpark in Norway.
The sleds will be heavy, the tour will be challenging. Mainly we will be riding our sleds through an area of pure and unspoiled nature which is not developed for travellers. We are on our own!
More information about this long expedition you will find here.

Fair prices for flights from London (Gatwick)

The Norwegian Airline offers a direct flight from London to Tromsø for a rather fair price. The flights are going every Tuesday and Saturday.

If you book early you might get a flight for only Euro 130,—.

From Tromsø you reach Setermoen by bus, driving along the amazing coastline for about 3 hours.
We will pick you up at Setermoen bus station (30 minutes to the Huskyfarm).