The accommodation on the Huskyfarm is either in our guesthouse or in our cabin.
Both houses have running water (warm/cold), shower, WC, electricity and a wood stove. The sauna is heated with wood as well.

The cabin consists of a combined sleeping- and living room, one bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. The combined sleeping- and living room has a two-storeyed bunk where each mattress is 120 centimetres wide. An additional bed can also be put here if necessary. This room has a dining table with chairs, and a couch. Your clothes can be kept in the wardrobe. In the bedroom there is a double bed (width: 180 cm), and a small wardrobe. At least five people can live in the cabin.

The biggest building of the Huskyfarm is our guest house with 150 qm. It is also one of the two new houses of the farm.
The ground floor gives room for our work shop and store rooms for dog sleds, skis,pulkas and all kinds of equipment.
The attic is designed to accommodate the guests that participate in one of our longer dog sledding trips as long as they still stay on the Huskyfarm. There are four rooms with four beds each, a combined lounge/kitchen (42 qm), two WC, a shower and a washing machine. The kitchen is fully equipped. The centre of the lounge is a cast iron wood stove. This kind of accommodation is typical for the Norwegian mountain cabins and is quite similar to the cabins we use on our dog sledding trips.

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