Our husky tours

The long husky tours are our main focus in winter. The imposing mountains of two national parks on our doorstep enable us to offer challenging tours far away from civilization. A more intensive nature experience is hardly possible!

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Fun with huskies for children

For families with children we have a lot of adventure to offer also in winter. Steering a small husky team through the forest, cuddling with the dogs and playing with the puppies is an unforgettable nature experience especially for children.

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The return of the sun

Mid January the polar night says goodbye as the sun peeks over the horizon again for the first time.
This time we were able to accompany this spectacular time with drones.
We have compiled the most beautiful shots here.

Corona update

In the meantime everything has normalized for vaccinated travelers to Norway. With the vaccination card (QR code) you can easily enter the country. Unvaccinated, underage children can enter together with vaccinated parents.
However, if you arrive by plane, you should allow more time when changing planes, because the controls take their time. With the new passport, the control is much faster…

Outdoor summer for children

Not only in winter there activities to do at the Huskyfarm. Especially in the summer is single adventure playground for children.
After all, the puppies are to be looked after, the canoe is to be tried out and the area is to be discovered on short hikes.
If dogs are taken along on the excursions, this not only pleases the four-legged friends, but also ensures varied activities for the children.

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Husky training to be joined

At the beginning of September, during the "indian summer", the husky training starts at the Huskyfarm.
Every day the dogs are first harnessed in front of the training cart and later, when there is enough snow, it is the turn of the sleds.
It is a great experience to watch the joy of the dogs during training and the success of the lead dog in learning his tasks!
Period: 01 September to 12 December; 1 week: 1.600.- Euro

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