Biking trip to Sørdalen

Our roads and the low traffic volume make bicycle tours a pleasure!
On a tour to the neighboring valley “Sørdalen” you can discover a lot along the way: The small streams and rivers coming down from the mountains, endless flowers, forests of birch or pine, fields where cows graze and especially the steep mountains in Sørdalen.
We start at the Huskyfarm. The road winds slowly down the valley along the river. Although you have to pedal hard on a few climbs, you lose almost 280 meters of altitude until you reach the entrance to Sørdalen. So it is mostly downhill. Then, at the church, the road branches north towards Setermoen and south into Sørdalen.
Here we can see more agriculture, which still feeds several families. Nevertheless, there are often abandoned houses to the right or left of the road.

After 28 kilometers the end point of the road is reached. Here begins first as a tractor path the hiking trail to the hut “Lappjordhytte”, which stands above the tree line almost directly at the Swedish border. But we don’t want to hike today, we want to use the bicycle. That’s why we turn back here and head north again.
If you don’t want to hike up the mountains to Innset again, you should have a car pick you up at the church, for example. For children the altitude meters to Innset are mostly too much.
For the whole distance you should calculate 5 hours, with children accordingly more. The time estimate here is not easy, because if you have an eye and perhaps a camera for the many small things along the way, you need rather more time.

What to bring?
if necessary wind- or rainproof clothes, thermos, small food, mosquito repellent, repair kit for the bike

Do not forget your camera!