Family fun at the Huskyfarm

Discovering the Nordic winter from the base camp of a cozy cabin means experiencing a great challenge with the option of a safe retreat.
Winter in the north is stable, and so are the snow conditions. If you have never been on skis before, you can try and learn. Even more fun is a dog pulling a small sled or the child on skis.

For longer day trips we offer husky teams. Together with a guide you can sled through our valley. The parents and the older children can each lead their own team. Smaller children can make themselves comfortable on a sled of the adults and discover the winter world from the reindeer skins of the sled. If the youngsters are ready to try out a small husky sled themselves, they have the chance to do it here. The vacation is not suitable for children under the age of six.


Besides sledding, there are countless ways to romp in the snow: sledding, snowshoeing, building snow caves….
And of course: the dogs need to be fed and are always happy to have visitors!

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On our Huskyfarm there are two cabins/holiday homes for family vacation. They are newly renovated or newly built in Scandinavian style.
All have fully equipped kitchen and wood stoves provide coziness.

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Children and dogs

Children have especially fun with puppies. But if you want, you can also get involved in caring for the other dogs.
The tasks are varied and so is the fun, as this short video shows.

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