Our guesthouse

We built the guesthouse in 1997 exactly on the site of the old barn. Four bedrooms and a large common kitchen and lounge is in the center.

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The Lydiastua is the oldest building on the farm. Lydia established a small café here in her cabine for the workers of the hydroelectric power plant in the 60s. In 1998 the cabin/holiday home was completely renovated and extended by us.

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In 2017 we added another cabin/holiday home. We also built it in the same style: with a grass roof and roughly carpentered planks.

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Other buildings at the farm

Barbecue hut

Our barbecue hut is built in the style of the traditional house of the Sámi, the indigenous people of northern Scandinavia. Birch trunks form the basic framework around which birch bark is laid as a substitute for roofing felt. Grass sods keep the whole thing in place.
In the middle there is big barbeque. The barbecue hut can be used by all guests.


Especially in winter the sauna is a “must”. But also, after a strenuous hike in summer, the heat is a pleasure when it gradually loosens the muscles again.
The wood-fired sauna is in the Lydiastua and can be used by all guests.

The bakehouse

Das Backhaus wurde im Jahr 2008 errichtet. Im Zentrum steht ein holzgefeuerter Backofen, der alle Gäste der Huskyfarm mit Brot versorgt.