Ski trekking with husky

Children do it and grown-ups do it, too. For a Norwegian is this a normal way to ski: “If you have a dog which you want to go on a tour with in winter, you have to ski together.”

Both of you get your exercise, it is teamwork, but the one on skis is the one who gets the help. Especially uphill is the husky very helpful. Thus motivated by the joyful working dog it is a special experience to enjoy the winter.

This kind of winter trekking ties a bond of friendship between human being and animal – maybe because the one and only dog gets all the attention. This leads – contrary to a husky tour with a whole dog team – to a very special teamwork with the one dog and a spirit of mutual confidence between the two partners.

We want to offer this typical Scandinavian kind of skiing now for everybody. The offered tour into the mountains around Innset is to obtain the technique and to experience the winter landscape together with other people and the dogs as a sporty event. To participate the tour, skiing knowledge is necessary. The participant has to feel himself safe on skies.

It is not our concern to drive particularly many kilometres or set up a new record. We just want to enjoy being outside and ski together with the dogs. It is important that each team finds the speed that both, “snørekjører” and dog, can manage and enjoy.

The goal of the tour is to learn how to handle the dog, leash and harness, to ski with the pulka, downhill, in deep snow and on unprepared routes – all this is part of the week. And the program includes even more: the correct handling of equipment and clothes, orientation by using compass and map, choosing the correct route in winter etc. Learning by doing – while having fun!


Basically everybody who wants to experience the nature and the winter, the loneliness, the “do it yourself”-kind of tour is welcome to join. You should be prepared to help the dogs and with the daily requirements. Ideal qualifications are:

**Knowledge of skiing is necessary*
*Good mood, sense of community, sense of responsibility and helpfullness
*Ability to have a sympathetic understanding for the dogs and their will and capacity to work
*Physical shape as is needed for a bike tour in the mountains
*Of course, you are welcome to bring your own dog and skis.

Interest in booking?

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