At the beginning of September, when temperatures no longer rise above ten degrees, the huskies are eager to end their summer slumber.
Everyone is excited when the training carts are brought out and the pulling harnesses are revealed.
We start the first training tours through the autumnal forest with trips of about five kilometers. Soon the routes become longer, and elevation gains are added.
As long as there is no snow, we use a four-wheeled training cart.
On this cart you stand almost the same way as on a sled. You have a good overview of the dogs pulling the cart. All wheels can be braked with a hydraulic brake. A passenger can be taken in the front of the seat.

Besides the pure condition training, the lead dog training takes place at the same time. The lead dog is supposed to follow the directions, gain confidence in the sled driver’s instructions and keep the leashes taut in a disciplined manner when being harnessed and unharnessed.
The training period is particularly impressive in showing the joy of the dogs at work and the joy of the lead dog in learning his tasks.

The first snow usually falls at the end of October and stays longer. The amount of snow is not always enough to switch to the sled right away.
The last training tours have a length of 25 to 30 kilometers. These tours are mostly used for transporting firewood to our tipi (lavvu), at the lake Altevatn.
In the middle of December the training is finished and the touring season starts.

Autumn on the Huskyfarm is not only for dog training. There is a lot of other work to be done in preparation for the touring season: The sleds need to be overhauled and eventually new ones built, pulling ropes spliced and harnesses sewn.

And of course, the dogs need to be fed and cared for every day.

In all “work” can be engaged.

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