The Job

Every fall we need people to help us, primarily with the training of the dogs.

Dog training starts around the beginning of September; it ends four months later, mid-December when the touring season begins.
Each dog trainer will be responsible for training his teams throughout the entire period. This is because it takes time for him or her to get to know the character of each dog. Only then he or she can address the dogs individually and motivate them properly. This is especially true for dealing with the lead dogs. And only then he or she can figure out which dog should run in which position of the team.
Consistency in dealing with the dogs is very important. To provide this every person begins with learning how we train our dogs.
A training cart is used for training during the snow-free period. Each dog should be on the road every second day. As the training routes get longer and longer, the job eventually takes up the whole day.

At the end of October – when there is enough snow – we move on to sled training. By mid-December, the touring season begins, and the dogs are more on tour then home at the farm.

Personal responsibility and strength

In the trainer’s job, independent and self-reliant work is very important. If you have not worked physically before, the jobs with us will be very demanding. Almost all the work here requires strength.
Besides the training of the dogs there are several other jobs: the dogs have to be fed and their places have to be cleaned, firewood from the forest has to be made, sleds have to be repaired or build, harnesses have to be sewn … and so on.

And there is always a lot to do. This is not an eight to four job. Who has difficulties with this and who cannot independently work and organize their work, will hardly be happy in this job.

Previous knowledge in dealing with sled dogs can be useful, but in no way a prerequisite. But a certain experience in dealing with animals should be present. Because it is extremely important to address the animals correctly and to know what the animals can understand and what not.

There are two or three positions available at the Huskyfarm from September until Christmas every year.
From time to time we also need help in the summer, especially we have a building project. Here are then craftsmen and handy people in demand.

A hut/room is available for the stay and food will of course be provided. This is so called volunteer work.

Interested in a job?

Please send us an application that include a brief description of outdoor and winter experience, education or what else is your strengths, experience with dogs/animals, age, phone number, picture, etc.