Husky summer with family

The Nordic summer in Innset offers children first and foremost an almost limitless freedom. After all, our farm is like an a*dventure park*: no fences hinder the urge to move and no darkness forces the termination of the day. The limits can be rivers and lakes, the high mountains and your own tiredness in the evening.
There are many possibilities for activities with children: excursions on foot or by canoe, overnight stays in tents or small mountain huts, campfires, barbecues, fishing trips, or excursions by bicycle: everything can be tailored to the age and abilities of the little ones. If a husky is taken along, it not only pleases the dog, but also spurs the children onto longer and longer activities.
Often the highlight for the children is just to help out on the farm. Talking care of the dogs, running around, getting to know all dogs and puppies.
The vacation is not suitable for children under the age of six.

This offer includes two guided adventure trips. After arrangement gladly with tent overnight stay. Here we organize an offer that we tailor to the interests and abilities of the little ones.


Whether you’re watching reindeer tagging in early July, contemplating hikes into the surrounding mountains, or canoeing on the lakes, it never gets boring!
Especially since the dogs also want to be cared for and groomed. That’s where everyone can get involved.

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On our Huskyfarm there are two cabins/holiday homes for family vacation. They are newly renovated or newly built in Scandinavian style.
All of them have a fully equipped kitchen and wood stoves provide coziness.

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Children and dogs

Children have especially fun with puppies. But if you want, you can also get involved in caring for the other dogs.
The tasks are varied and so is the fun, as this short video shows.

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