Day trips with the huskies

The Family- and Huskyfarm Vacation include two day tours with the husky sled. You are welcome to book additional tours.
Before we start, there is a short instruction in the art of sledding, how to put the harness on the dogs and how to harness the dogs in front of the sled. For everyone who drives his own husky team then performs this work independently. Of course, with help and supervision from our team.

Care of the dogs

Every day the dogs have to be taken care of. In the morning and in the evening their places and the kennels are cleaned and in the evening around 18.00 o’clock all have to be fed. All guests are invited to these activities.
If you want to go skiing or snowshoeing, the older dogs will be happy to come with you.


Our sauna is brought to temperature with a wood stove. A door leads directly outside into the snow.
What could be better than relaxing your muscles in the warmth of the sauna after a strenuous tour in the snow!

Andere Aktivitäten

An hour’s drive away you find the Polar Park where you can see all the native predators such as wolf, wolverine, bear, etc. in very large fenced forest areas. More information here

In Bardufoss there is the Polarbad with saunas and a fun pool. More information here

Interesting is the island Senja in the west. It is worth a visit by car: steep cliffs, small fishing villages nestled against the cliffs and a roaring sea in the far west.