Our dogs are not guard dogs. They have nothing to defend. That’s why they wag at every person who comes near them. They want to be cuddled and petted. You will hardly meet more human-friendly dogs.

Here we present all our adult dogs. Just as different as they look, just as different are their characters. Each one has its own personality; each one wants to be addressed individually.

Some are wild and extroverted, others more reserved. If children are still small, they should not go alone to the adult dogs. Because some jump up with joy and then smaller children can stumble.

Consistency in dealing with the dogs is very important, because they should follow a guideline of education. Only then do they feel safe and in charge. Only then they give everything.

Our dogs are not racing dogs, but expedition dogs. In winter a thick fur protects them from the harsh climate in the mountains. Heavy sledges in rough terrain are everyday life for them, which they should not only master, but complete with joy. These robust dogs are a mixture of Greenlanders and Siberian Huskies.

On our farm you will meet all ages of dogs. The puppies and young dogs are not yet harnessed in front of the sled or training wagon. They are allowed to pull them only when they are about 15 months old. They will then do this on the long stage tours until they are about 11 years old. Then they simply need longer rest periods between the tours. They get these by just going on the day tours from the farm. Then they have retired from the longer tours. At about 13 years of age, however, this is also too much for them. Then they get other tasks, for example looking after and educating the puppies. These old dogs are also always happy when you take them for a walk or a little hiking tour.

Our dogs usually live to be 13 years old. The oldest one made it to 16!