At the Huskyfarm

Bei uns gibt es nicht nur jeden Menge zu sehen, sondern auch jede Menge zu tun: die Hunde At our farm there is not only a lot to see, but also a lot to do: the dogs need daily food, clean water and cleaned places. In addition, the dogs and especially the puppies are happy about many cuddles, as you can see in the small video.

The pigs and chickens are always hungry as well. The latter also usually thank you quite properly for it – The eggs have to be collected and taken to the kitchen.
If you want to be active in handcrafting, our workshop offers wood and tools to build or repair doghouses and more…


Very close to the Huskyfarm there are some rock walls where it is good to climb. Children also enjoy this challenge, because here they solve problems on the wall themselves, communicate with the instructor and develop trust in the person who belays the climber.
Our instructor will find the appropriate climbing level for beginners and advanced climbers of all ages.
If you have booked the Huskyfarm or Family Vacation, we can climb on a rock wall in the canyon during the two activity days.
Climbing harnesses, ropes and other equipment are always ready for you on site.

Husky training

Husky training begins in early September when the daytime temperatures start to drop. As long there is no snow, a four-wheeled cart serves as a substitute for a sled.
As soon as the dogs see the pulling harnesses in our hands and we pull the wagons into the starting position, a heath spectacle is created among the dogs: all of a sudden they wake up from their summer sleep and are very excited to get going again!

Activities further away

An hour’s drive away, you find the Polar Park where you can see all the native predators such as wolf, wolverine, bear, etc. in very large, fenced forest areas. More information here

IIn Bardufoss there is the Polarbad with saunas and a fun pool. More information here

In summer you can watch whale on the coast in front of Andenes. You can get there via the absolutely worth seeing island Senja. A car ferry from Gryllefjord takes you to Andenes. Two days should be calculated for this trip. More info here.
Four days should be calculated if you want to visit Lofoten by car. This is worthwhile in any case.