Summer vacation at the Huskyfarm

At our Huskyfarm you can spend single nights or your entire vacation. For this purpose, we offer for smaller groups, couples and individuals a pure vacation week with many inclusive offers.

During this week, the focus is on two activity days. These days consist of guided hikes in the mountains or excursions by canoe.

There are several charming destinations to choose from during the hikes: Mountain peaks with particularly beautiful views, circular hikes with very different landscapes and vegetation, or very beautifully situated huts or gammen (traditional peat huts).

Canoe excursions can also take you to very different destinations. The different excursion possibilities and ideas will be discussed with the guide before the activity days.


Among other things, we provide bicycles, canoes, sauna, etc. free of charge.

We have prepared small hiking guides for particularly worthwhile destinations. Maps are also available.
Of course, there is a lot to do on the Huskyfarm as well. The dogs want to be taken care of every day. You are invited to join on these activities.

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For the overnight stay during the Huskyfarm vacation we provide our guesthouse. A fully equipped kitchen makes self-catering possible without any problems.
If you would like to have your own cabin/holiday home, this is possible for an extra charge.

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Our dogs

Our dogs are not guard dogs. They have nothing to defend. That’s why they wag at every person who comes near them. They want to be cuddled and petted. You will hardly meet more human-friendly dogs.

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