Our Huskyfarm

Huskyfarm Innset is an old mountain farm in the border mountains between Norway and Sweden. In 1988 we took over and gradually restored the buildings and built new ones.

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Who we are

Björn emigrated from Hamburg, Germany to Norway in 1984 and built up the Huskyfarm with the help of many friends and acquaintances.
In 2020 his son Morten moved back to the farm with his partner Anne Margarete and the aim to gradually taking over the farm.

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Our accommodations

We have a guesthouse and two cabins/holiday homes on the Huskyfarm. All are built in Scandinavian style.
All units have a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. For the cold days there is a sauna.

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Where we are

Our Huskyfarm is located in the border mountains towards Sweden, about 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle between the cities of Narvik and Tromsø.

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Here you have some advises for traveling to the Huskyfarm.

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Our dogs

Our dogs are in the center of the Huskyfarm. We have a mixture of Greenlanders and Siberian Husky.

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Environment - what we do

We strive to be as less harmful toward nature as possible and leave as few traces as possible in the nature. Our goal is to become a Co2 neutral holiday destination.

Volunteers wanted

We are always looking for people who enjoy helping us with training the dogs in the fall and other work in the summer.

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