In June the snow is also melting in the mountains and through all rivers you can hear the water streaming down into the valley. The intense sun and midsummer night end the short spring quickly. The landscape is transforming in only a few days and tints everything in various green colors.

In the beginning of July, the reindeers are moving into the snow free mountains of Innset. An incomparable spectacle is starting: the Sami are standing in between the crowd of reindeers and antlers. With their lassos they are catching the young animals for marking them. An experience you should not miss!

The hiking and canoeing season begins in July. Endless possibilities for day trips from the farm are possible. The “Nordkalottleden” is a well-marked route and comfortable huts from the hiking association are in day distance.
One of the most beautiful tracks is leading through the Dividal National Park. South you can visit the Swedish city Abisko and there you’ll cross the legendary hiking track “Kungsleden”.
For the transportation of baggage our dogs can help with their luggage bags: after a short introduction you can rent a dog with a carry bag if wanted.

Familien Vacation

Summer vacation for the family on the Huskyfarm. There won’t be a day with boredom. The farm is like an adventure park with all the mountains, lakes and rivers.
Of course, the puppies and big dogs need to be taken care of for sure …

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Huskyfarm Vacation

Vacation on the farm can be spent on your one’s own, with a partner or with friends.
The possibilities for activities are as multifaceted as the landscape. Hiking tours, fishing, watching the Sami marking his calves …

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Husky training in fall

In the beginning of September, when the temperatures are steady below ten, the dogs want to end their summer sleep.
Everyone is happy when the four-wheelers are taken out and their harnesses are unpacked.
A nice opportunity to get engaged and experience the dogs in their natural element.

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