Vacation at the Huskyfarm Innset

Our valley, the surrounding mountains and the Huskyfarm invite you to a special and unique vacation. No matter if winter or summer: If you love *nature and dog*s, you are in good hands here.
No matter if you want to stay for one week or three, it will never be boring because of the endless opportunities.
Last but not least there are also interesting things at the Huskyfarm: namely the dogs. They are always happy to get a good crawl! They also need their food in the evening, water in the summer and clean places. Walks and hikes can be made with the young puppies or the old pensioners.
The vacation on the Huskyfarm can be arranged by yourself or you can book it as a complete offer.
The complete offer can be booked as a Huskyfarm Vacation for adults or as a Family Vacation with children.


We still have real winter! It normally starts in November and ends in May. The snow is mostly dry and so also the air. This makes the cold feel less cold, compared to more southern latitudes with wet winters.
For the dogs, the climate in winter is perfect: You can see that they love it and are made for it!
Our winter has something very special to offer: the aurora borealis! This is best seen in December, January, and February.

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Summer at the Huskyfarm is short but intense, as the sun no longer sets. Everything turns green at record speed, as if nature wants to make up for everything that the long winter has prevented.
Soon the first flowers bloom along the streams and in the meadows, and the birds are rapidly raising their young.

Not ten weeks after the snow has melted, the first berries and mushrooms are ripening. It doesn’t take much longer for our potatoes in the field to be harvested either

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The short but intense summer leads to the color fireworks of the “Indian Summer”. During the first weeks of September, all deciduous trees change color; also every shrub and all vegetation above the tree line.
“The tundra is on fire”, the Sami says. This short spectacle reaches its climax in the middle of September.
Now the Huskies want to end their summer slumber. Everyone is excited when the training carts are brought out and the pulling harnesses are revealed. The* training* of our dogs begins!

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