Vacation at the Huskyfarm Innset

Our valley, the surrounding mountains and the Huskyfarm invite you to a special and unique vacation. No matter if winter or summer: If you love *nature and dog*s, you are in good hands here.
No matter if you want to stay for one week or three, it will never be boring because of the endless opportunities.
Last but not least there are also interesting things at the Huskyfarm: namely the dogs. They are always happy to get a good crawl! They also need their food in the evening, water in the summer and clean places. Walks and hikes can be made with the young puppies or the old pensioners.
The vacation on the Huskyfarm can be arranged by yourself or you can book it as a complete offer.
The complete offer can be booked as a Huskyfarm Vacation for adults or as a Family Vacation with children.