Experience our beautiful backyard

We have been working with our dogs for over 30 years now. In addition to the longer multi-day tours that we offer during the winter, you also have the opportunity to explore nature together with the dogs in our immediate surroundings. It is important to us that, in contrast to many other providers, we want to give our guests the most direct contact possible with the dogs. In short, anyone and everyone can, if they wish, drive their own dog team, even from a very young age (approx. 7 years and up). We will help you to get to know the routines. This way we can be up close and personal with the dogs and get the best contact with them. Of course,* everyone can do it, no one has to.*
When we go on tour, we give you a detailed introduction to dog sledding in advance. If you want, you can also watch our videos (see below) on how to handle our dogs properly.
Then we set off with our teams into nature.

For this, we always have to adapt to the weather conditions. Snowmobiles are not allowed here, the dogs have to do all the tracking themselves. From the farm, a bridge crosses the nearby river, and from there we cross a frozen lake into the birch forest. On small paths, we wind our way through the trees. We always have to adapt the route to the conditions.
In any case, there is a lot to discover around here and we are happy to tailor our tours to your individual needs. This way we can create a lasting experience for all age groups.
If you don’t want to drive yourself, you can also take a seat on our guide sled or share a sled.

You can borrow thick winter boots, overalls, and thick hats and gloves free of charge.

The ride on the sled takes about an hour, and the tour lasts between two and three hours in total. Afterward, a coffee/tea with a dessert is served in our restaurant.

These day tours can be booked separately, but are also included in all family holiday programs and all husky farm holiday programs as part of a so-called activity day. We recommend that you* take your time* for a tour. Traveling to Innset without an overnight stay is relatively time-consuming, so stay longer, get to know the dogs, and familiarise yourself with the area. This way you will surely have a more intense nature experience and can bring good memories back home.

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To book a day tour without a holiday program, please contact us by email.

The current season is fully booked.