We run our husky tours from mid-December to early May. Our shortest tour is about five days out in the nature. Three additional days must be added in each case. One day each for the arrival and departure and one instruction day, where we learn dog sledding and get to know our own husky team.

On all our husky tours we are self-sufficient in the mountains and often without any connection to the outside world.

If you are interested in a vacation with us, where the Huskyfarm is in the center, then the HUSKYFARM HOLIDAY or the FAMILY HOLIDAY is just right for you. The Huskyfarm vacation is tailored for adults, while for the family vacation we have thought of families with children.

Activities in the nature and day trips with the husky sled in our valley and the surrounding mountains are in the focus in this case.

Our husky tours

We organize challenging husky tours in the border mountains between Norway and Sweden. On the shortest tour we are out in the nature for five days. The longest tour is over 1000 kilometers and 28 days.

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Expedition style and own dog team

We conduct our tours in expedition style. This means no support and accompaniment of snowmobiles or the use of other technical aids.

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Our dogs

Our dogs are not racing dogs, but pure expedition dogs. We are not interested in speed, but in reaching the next hut, no matter how much snow we have to handle, what slopes lie ahead and what weather prevails.

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