The possible tour route
The individual stages: mehr ...

Day 1: Arrival of the participants (or earlier if you wish).
Day 2: Briefing, equipment check, sled packing
Day 3: Innset – Lavvo
Day 4: Leinavatn
Day 5: Tent at Store Kamas
Day 6: Tent or cabin at Øvre Dividal National Park
Day 7: Pältsahytta (Sweden)
Day 8: Near Helligskogen
Day 9: Tent near Guolasjávri
Day 10: Tent
Day 11: Tent or hut
Day 12: Tent
Day 13: Kautokeino
Day 14: Transport back to Innset
Day 15: Earliest day of departure

The total length of the tour is about 300 kilometers.
Second tour (start 30.03) in the opposite direction.

The Dogs
For the dogs this tour will certainly be a high strain mehr ...

We can replenish supplies on the way, but we still have some altitude to climb and the snow conditions can change quickly.

The dogs should be helped, especially on ascents. If the dogs lose the desire and the fun of the work, we look pretty old.

We should try to get a feel for the mental and physical condition of the dogs. What have the dogs achieved so far? What is still ahead of them on the stage? Only when the condition of the dogs is assessed realistically will we know how to motivate and support them effectively at the right moment.
**With the dogs we are everything – without them nothing!

The Group
There will be a maximum of six of us on this tour, including the guide. Travelling for 12 days with a group you don't know is a long time. mehr ...

An unproblematic coexistence on this tour requires tolerance and willingness to help.

We will discuss the individual stages and possible route changes together during the tour. In case of doubt, the final decision always lies with the guide.
All daily chores outside, e.g. putting up and taking down the tent, melting snow, sawing wood, washing up, cooking food, etc. will be shared between us.
We take it for granted that a comradely attitude will dominate the agenda.

A tricky and hard to pin down issue is the condition mehr ...

In addition to the physical strain, the body is also stressed by the sometimes very low temperatures. The days are sometimes long and exposed, freezing is probably part of it, so you should not underestimate such a tour.

In a nutshell: the better you prepare yourself physically and mentally for this tour, the more fun you will have.
Perhaps the comparison is apt: *The physical demands are roughly equivalent to those of a longer bicycle tour with luggage in a slightly mountainous terrain.

Knowledge of dog sledding is not a prerequisite, but a great advantage. Knowledge of outdoor life, especially in the cold seasons, would be good.

The equipment is not much different from the other tours mehr ...

Only of the things that are easily lost, such as gloves and hats, does everyone need replacements.

With all equipment, it is urgent to make sure that no item is untested. Nothing is worse than a new jacket that doesn’t prove to be windproof or where the seams come apart on the first wear. All warmer clothing must be easy to put on under or over each other.
(see also Equipment list)