1. Day
We pick you up from Bardufoss airport or Setermoen bus station mehr ...

At our husky farm, the four-legged and two-legged friends get to know each other, the course schedule is discussed, the equipment is checked and the day ends with a dinner in our restaurant.

2. Day
We set off from the Altevatn reservoir in a northerly direction. mehr ...

We familiarize ourselves with the dogs and run in a little. How fast can we move together? How do I attach the pull cord? How do I attach the harness to the rucksack? What is the best way to communicate? How do I help the dog?
In the first stage to Gaskashytta, we can try out a few things. There are still no major ascents to conquer.

The cozy Gaskashütte is tucked away in a birch grove in a side valley north of Lake Altevatn. A rustic, cast-iron stove provides cozy warmth.

In the evening, we discuss the rest of the tour, taking into account the weather conditions.

Day 3 to 8
What's next? mehr ...

The rest of the tour depends very much on the weather conditions. However, it also depends on the group dynamics, fitness level, and needs. We have great tour options:

The most challenging option takes us high into the mountains far above the tree line into the Øvre Dividal National Park and there to the Vuoma Hut. This hut, like the Gaskashytta, is part of the Border Trail and North Kalottleden network of long-distance hiking trails. These huts are not staffed. They offer 10 beds and are all very cozy. They are maintained voluntarily by the local hiking association Troms Turlag, which is a member of the national hiking association Den Norske Turistforeningen (DNT).

From here we continue through the Anjavassdalen valley, with its canyon and colorful birch forest, towards Dividalshytta. From there, the trail leads us further up into the treeless mountains. The play of colors of the red blueberry bushes can be particularly impressive here.

Via the Dærta hut, we will make our way towards the Rosta hut. The distances between the huts here can be up to 24 km. Such routes can be divided up and we look for a nice place to camp. There are always opportunities to get out if we make less progress than expected. If we quickly find a good dynamic as a group and the stages become longer, the route can be extended to any length. The route could also take us as far as the border triangle, but all the conditions would have to be right.

No matter where we end up after 8 days, a car will take us comfortably back to the farm, where we can end the tour relaxing in our small spa area.

9. Day
After breakfast, we say goodbye to the dogs. mehr ...

Afterwards, we can take you to the airport. If you would like to stay on the farm for a few more days, you are very welcome to do so. Prices for our various accommodations can be found on the website.