In general traveling Saturdays is often a bit more difficult than on the other days of the week. No airplane goes to our nearby airport Bardufoss and at the other airports around have reduced schedules. The same applies to bus traffic.

By plaine

Our nearest airport is Bardufoss Airport. It is located 70 kilometers, that is one hour by car from the Huskyfarm. Bardufoss Airport is only served from Oslo Airport (3 or 4 times a day) and so far only by Norwegian and SAS. From here we can pick you up
Another possibility – although a bit inconvenient – is to travel via Tromsø airport. Tromsø is approximately 200 kilometers away from the Huskyfarm – so by Nordic standards it’s a so-called stone’s throw. There are frequent daily flights to Tromsø from Oslo. Both from Norwegian and SAS.
From Tromsø you can reach the Huskyfarm with a three-hour bus ride along a beautiful fjord landscape. The destination bus station is Setermoen. From here we will pick you up.
Please check for the current bus connections from Tromsø to Setermoen.
Similarly, if you are traveling to Evenes Harstad/Narvik Airport, which is located 140 km to the south of us.

Here you can find the exact location of the Huskyfarm and the airports.

The days around Easter and Christmas/New Year are the days with the highest travel volume in Norway. During this time, flights are often fully booked half a year in advance. We recommend to book early since it is not only cheaper but also ensures the best connections.

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By train

The train trip is a journey and not a fast travel from A to B. The time spent on the journey makes it possible to get away from everyday life and mentally adjust to the vacation up north. Thereto the train has a much better CO2 balance compared to airplanes and cars.
Our nearest train station is Narvik. Located 110 km south from us.

The fastest and cheapest way by train is via Denmark, Stockholm to Narvik. From Narvik you can take the bus to Setermoen. A train trip from Hamburg to Narvik takes around 30 hours
Another alternative, perhaps the most beautiful and longest train route is via Oslo, Trondheim to Fauske and then by bus to Setermoen.

Further information to the German course:
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By ship

If you have enough time, you can cruise along the Norwegian coast on one of the ships operated by Hurtigruten (the old post liner along the Norwegian coastline). Hurtigruten operates between Bergen and Kirkenes, so a prior journey to Bergen is required.
Especially in combination with a train trip to Bergen, the Hurtigruten is the ideal compromise between a relaxing and traveling.
The nearest Hurtigruten port to the Huskyfarm is Finnsnes. There a bus will take you to Setermoen, where we will pick you up.

Further information about the Hurtigruten:
Further information on Norwegian bus connections:

By car

Due to the high prices of flights and trains, it can pays off to travel by car, especially if you are traveling with several people. In addition, driving several days to the north helps you to slowly acclimatize and grow into the Nordic landscape.
In summer, it takes about three to four days depending on how effective you are driving. The fastest route is through Sweden. The more spectacular round is the E6 trough Norway, especial if you take some detours along the cost

Wintertime, due to lower driving speeds and unforeseen incidents (snowstorms), you should calculate two days more for the journey. You should then drive north through Sweden in any case, because driving in the Norwegian mountains often requires a lot of winter driving experience and studded tires!

In den Norden